How do you go from being a penniless student in a foreign country to becoming the mother of four of the most successful creatives working in Great Britain today?

A captivating journey written by the formidable
Ifeomagwu ‘Ify’ Adenuga
Ify Adenuga

My life journey to date has been a struggle to assert my own definitions of freedom and happiness whilst also living life through my cultural and traditional lens as a Black African Christian woman migrant in the UK.

So you may ask the question; who am I today? I have often asked myself the same question and like with all humans, there is no clear cut answer, I don’t think. I’ve now lived long enough to define my cultural tradition as fluid, someone who feels and remains forever hungry to learn, in order that I recognise, respect and understand our world, both as it is and as it ought to be in the interest of all of us, as citizens of the world. A very tall order but that’s who I strive to be to date! 

Hence, my overall objective here is two-fold. First, is to inform both my children and subsequent grandchildren about my life growing up & how different it is to theirs – an opportunity I missed with my own parents. Second of all, is to recognise and appreciate all diasporas, regardless of where they call home.

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"I’ve been hearing you talk about your biography for a while mummy. Only when I see you write it will I be truly happy for you."

Joseph Junior ‘Skepta’ Adenuga, 2016

"Chronicling a life less ordinary, Ify Adenuga's thrilling Endless Fortune takes the reader through civil war in the mid 60's Nigeria to a hostile 1980's London, alone, but certainly not afraid. It's testament to Ify's perseverance, fearlessness and thirst for education that she has not only led her own incredible life, but raised four uniquely creative children who have gone on to break boundaries in their own worlds. Always daring to be different, Ify's account of navigating life as a Nigerian woman in both her homeland and in the U.K. is both illuminating and entertaining. This is a book that evokes every emotion as Ify's tale takes us through the greatest of highs and the lowest of lows. An extraordinary book by an extraordinary woman."

Hattie Collins, 2020 Journalist, Editor & Author
Ify Adenuga

"Agaracha must come back"

The Adenuga’s, 2020
The Adenugas